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Pearls - Freshwater - High luster, natural color pearls taken from freshwater mussels in Chinese waters. "Peacock" pearls have been dyed.
Some pearls are saltwater and will be so identified.

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 Item#   Description
Necklace - Sterling silver "heart" link with freshwater pearl heart-shaped drop (also available in dark "peacock" heart-shaped drop, dyed) 

Length 16"

Also available in 7 1/2" bracelets - white and "peacock"


Small pearl necklace - "peacock", 5mm - Sterling Silver lobster clasp
Also available in white and pink pearl
Length 16"

Peacock currently unavailable. Contact us to order. White and pink in stock.


Dangle pearl earrings - 7 1/2 mm - "peacock" - in Sterling Silver
Also available in white and pink pearl
Dangle length 1 1/4"
Stud pearls with sterling silver backs are available, too, for the same price in the above colors


Necklace and dangle earring set of faceted "aqua" blue glass and white pearl - Sterling Silver
Necklace length 16" with 1" drop
Earring drop length 1"
Earrings studs, 14k yellow gold backs with white 11mm coin pearls


Bracelet with 13mm freshwater creamy/white coin pearls and 14k yellow spacer beads and fluted clasp
Length 8"


Bracelet in sterling silver with magnetic clasp and freshwater pearls measuring
7 x 7 1/2mm
Length 7 1/2"
White and pink available 


Necklace with 7 1/2 x 9mm "chocolate peacock" freshwater pearls - sterling silver clasp
Length 18"


Earring studs, 18k backs, high luster South Sea saltwater white pearls from Australia measuring 9 1/2mm, very fine
Not shown but available is one pair of fine, South Sea saltwater black pearls from Tahiti measuring 9 1/2 x 10 mm with 14k yellow backs - Inventory #SSP4